A Clever Device - Card Hold Out

19th century poker cheating device


San Francisco Chronicle July 17th 1889.

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A Clever Device

How a Chinese man has been cheating at poker. Sergeant Whitman arrested a high-bender on Monday night and while searching him found a clever device which explains the phenomenal luck the Chinese man has been enjoying at poker of late. The arrangement consists of a steel clip which is fastened inside of one sleeve two cords reach up the sleeve, across the breast and down the other sleeve to the hand, where one is fastened to the thumb and the other one to one of the fingers. Buy a pull of one Clear cord the clip reaches out and takes in a card, which is at once drawn up the sleeve. Pulling the other cord causes the card to be shot out into the hand of the player with lightning rapidly and without any part of the mechanism being exposed. The fellow who had the machine fought strenuously against giving it up. -

San Francisco Chronicle July 17th 1889.