Cheating is an Art

Cheating at gambling from an article printed by the Oklahoma Leader May 22, 1906



Chicago, May 22 1906. - Loaded dice and marked cards with elaborate instructions how to use them to cheat in games of chance - and always win - have been seized by the police in raids on makers of gambling paraphernalia. In one place a book of 309 pages revealed the big and little secrets on how "to work the suckers." Several places are running yet as their locations are unknown.

The first place listed by the detectives was in the Garden City block. Books and pamphlets, teaching purchasers how to cheat as an art, were abundant. Part of one circular read: "this work is perfect and you need not fear detection."

Accompanying the dice were instructions in their use. Instructions for the one set read: "if you want a good set of losing dice we would recommend set No. 1. All you have to do is start a game and fade all the passes you can. The dice may not work at first but after a little use they will be alright.

"For a pair of winning dice we would recommend set no. 8. Let the others play with losing dice and play with them yourself, but do not bet heavily on yourself while losing. When the game becomes good you can use the winning dice yourself and by fading the others using losing dice you will win both ways."

"The Secrets of Cheating" a 309 page book and "Little Secrets" each containing rules for working the dice and cards were the titles of the two books found in the office.

The government is interested in the prosecution of the cases, it is said. Soldiers at Fort Sheridan have lost much money through play against the devices said to have been sold by these companies. In some cases soldiers have fallen so deeply into debt to saloon keepers and others "working" the dice and cards that they have deserted the Army.