How to Control Fair Dice

A how to control fair dice using dice cups to shake the dice. The "New Maxim Shot" and the "Kick Off Shot" are described and illustrated


8/8/20220 min read


This shot is performed with two dice and a dice cup. It takes a lot of practice to execute but when once mastered is a “Lily.”

In making this shot, the dice you wish to control is held in the right hand in the same position as in the illustration shown in picture two of the “Indian Dice Shot.” This allows the other dice which is loose to hit the held dice, giving the impression that both dice are in the cup.

You shake the cup with both hands and just as you get ready to throw out the dice, you drop your right hand a trifle just enough to allow the dice held in that hand to come below the edge of the dice cup so that ft can he grabbed between the second and third fingers of the left hand. These fingers have been held underneath the cup and when the dice is placed between them (Cut No. 1 shows the proper position), it is entirely out of sight as the right hand is still partially over the mouth of the dice cup. Immediately after the dice is between the fingers of the left hand, the right hand is taken away from the dice cup and a back sweeping motion is made with the left hand. This allows the dice in the cup to fly out and at the same time the fingers release the dice held underneath the cup and it looks as if both of the dice came out of the cup.

In releasing the dice from the fingers, care is taken to let it leave the fingers evenly and a little snap is given the wrist during the backward sweeping motion so that "English” or spin is imparted to the dice. This spin holds the dice from turning over and it slides and twists down the table with the desired side uppermost.

This shot can be performed with any kind of dice cup.


In making this shot, you pick up the dice and hold one of them in the right hand in practically the same manner as in the "New Maxim Shot.”

Only one dice is ever in the cup.

In this Kick Off Shot, the face of the dice you wish to show up is held next to the forefinger. In the illustration, the five spot is shown.

The dice in the cup is shaken against the one held in the fingers so as to give the impression that both dice are in the cup. In throwing out the dice, you take your right hand slightly away from the mouth of the dice cup. Then with the left hand holding the dice cup, you give it a flip and with the edge of the cup knock out the dice held in the fingers of your right hand and also allowing the dice which was in the cup to come out.

When the edge of the dice cup hits the dice, it imparts a spin to the dice which holds it from turning over. This is a very effective shot and when correctly done, both dice appear to have come out of the cup.