Telekinesis and Dice

Did you know famed Duke University conducted a study on the effect the mind could have on controlling the out come of a die roll? Not only was the study for telekinesis and dice completed but the scientist in charge determined PK worked!


9/11/20222 min read

Psychokinesis or Telekinesis and Dice

During my research for this book I discovered a most interesting fact concerning psychokinesis or PK. In the 1930’s and 1940’s Joseph Banks Rhine of Duke University investigated whether or not dice rolls could be controlled mentally. Students at Duke University threw dice and “willed” them to come up seven. The research at this University indicated that if a player strongly willed the dice to come up seven, they would do so more often than probability allows. The research went on to point out that a player’s mental influence over the dice can be easily disrupted, resulting in normal probability returning to the rolls.

Obviously, there were plenty of thinkers on the other side of this topic. Professors at Yale University conducted a PK dice study of their own. Their test was videotaped. Due to the video, Yale discovered the shooters who believed in the controversial PK theory actually overcounted their successful throws. Some by as much as 30%. Not to be out done, the study participants who disagreed with Dr. Rhine under counted their positive results.

After learning of Yale’s PK dice results some of the followers of Dr. Rhine accused the non-believers of using their negative psychokinetic power to adversely affect the rolls. They used telekinesis to sabotage the telekinetic tests. Talk about a circular argument. I’m with Yale on this one. Video never lies (as long as it hasn’t been altered and isn’t a deep fake).

I have two additional points of evidence to debunk the PK theory. The first is concerning the randomness of the test dice. The dice used at Duke for the studies were assumed to be fair dice. They were never confirmed as known fair dice. I found no evidence that Dr. Rhine’s team verified the dice were not gaffed. Therefore, the results of any test performed with unverified dice must be considered invalid due to the possible use of unfair dice.

The second fact for dismissing the idea of mentally controlling dice is that over 60 years after the Duke study was completed casinos continue to offer and profit from dice and roulette games. If PK was real someone would have surely broken the bank by now. Dr. Rhine is considered the father of paranormal research. His exploration into parapsychology continues to this day at the Rhine. Find it at Also, I am pretty sure Dr. Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters is based on Dr. Rhine and his work.